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For Practitioners

XYMOGEN® Is an ideal partner for practitioners who seek top-quality, professional-grade formulas. Many of our formulas are exclusive and patented, and often first-to-market.

Formulations are based on the most current research and technology available. Our existing formulas are regularly reviewed and enhanced under the guidance of functional medicine experts including our esteemed medical board of advisors. Production standards are the highest in the industry. All XYMOGEN® formulas meet or exceed certified GMP quality standards and are subject to independent third-party analysis. XYMOGEN® formulas are distributed only to licensed healthcare practitioners and are not sold to, or relabeled for, health-food retail stores.

Window Dressings Are For Houses, Not Nutritional Formulas.
Meticulous ingredient selection, potency, purity, manufacturer certifications (GMP, NPA, TGA), independent third-party analysis, and clinical studies; these are but a few of the measures XYMOGEN® requires to ensure the consistent quality and effectiveness of our formulas. This is what practitioners nationwide have grown to expect from XYMOGEN®. We’ve earned their trust, and we will earn yours.

Partnering with XYMOGEN® means you have chosen to offer your patients cutting-edge formulas that will help them get back to living their lives. Whether your patients are looking for very specific support or basic wellness assurance, we have the experience and formulas to meet their unique needs. We invite you to join our nutritional healthcare team, which is unlike any other.

XYMOGEN® Advantages
Our functional medicine consultants have a collective experience of over 10 years. They will be happy to listen to any questions and concerns you may have and offer their knowledge of specific formulas to support each of your patient’s needs, while helping you expand your reach.

Our company culture is focused on building and maintaining relationships – it’s all personal to us.
We understand that your patients expect the very best health care you can provide; that’s why our goal is to make sure each healthcare practitioner has what he or she needs to be successful in their business – the business of optimizing the health of their patients.

Become a Registered XYMOGEN® Practitioner
XYMOGEN® formulas can be obtained only through a licensed healthcare practitioner. If you would like additional information on how to partner with XYMOGEN®, please email to or call (65) 6397 6884 / (65) 9637 1966.


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